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[SOLVED] VMWare Reason: Failed to lock the file ...

Nov 5, 2015 ... The following are common error messages returned by VMware ... You will need these values when you read the "Resolving the ... API error message : You do not have access rights to this file ..... This happens intermittently when the communication between the data mover and the vCenter fails, either ... vpxd.cfg Advanced Configuration » boche.net – VMware vEvangelist Mar 13, 2010 ... The vpxd.cfg file is located on the VMware vCenter Server by default at ... Read more here and here. .... What It Does: Defines the minimum CPU calculation of a HA cluster slot size when there are no CPU reservations. .... vCenter Server 6 Appliance fsck failed · Error 1603: Java Update did not complete ... Cisco Unified Computing System with VMware Horizon 6 with View ...

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Failed to start the virtual machine. This was unusual as I knew the disk was indeed there and there weren’t any snapshots of the machine in question.These “lck” folders are created when locks are placed on vmdk and vmem files when the machine is in the running state. As the machine wasn’t... File upload failed: VMware Update Manager | Reader

I/O access on Virtual Machine File System returns invalid metadata error

Also note that there should be a "vmware.log" file that should also contain useful information about which lock file is causing the problem, and possibly any number of other issues that may be preventing the VM from starting. In my case this file was located in the same filesystem directory as the VM's primary virtual disk file ("*.vmdk"). Need help with P2V failure : vmware - reddit Need help with P2V failure (self.vmware) submitted 2 years ago by zibby42 I'm trying to convert a Windows 7 Professional 32-bit with SP1 PC using VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Version 6.1.1 build-3533064. Failed to lock the file! VMWare virtual disk (vmdk ... I had been running several VMware Workstation machines under XP Pro with VMware Workstation v-6.5 with a Dell Vostro 220 4Gb RAM machine, and wanted to migrate the virtual machines to the VMWare Server 2 for better load balancing, and on a higher RAM machine for greater concurrent virtual machine density. Using Physical Disks in a Virtual Machine - pubs.vmware.com

Feb 11, 2013 ... Error -1 in opening & reading the slot file error in storageRM.log (SIOC) ... Open /vmfs/volumes/ /.iorm.sf/slotsfile (0x10000042, 0x0) failed: ...

Cisco Unified Computing System with VMware Horizon 6 with View ... Architecture using VMware Virtual SAN with Cisco UCS enables scalability of a ... Up to 768GB of RAM with 24 dual in-line memory module (DIMM) slots ... to a new blade, chassis, or rack in the event of a failure. ... machine files are stored on the magnetic drive, and the SSD handles read caching and write buffering. NetWorker 9.1.x VMware Integration Guide - Dell EMC