Ducky shine mini vs poker ii

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Product information: Shine 6 Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard, Black Cherry MX Switch, UK Layout. Features A variety of colorful RGB backlighting 100% Full Backlighting, Breathing, Color Cycling, Wave and Rain Drop mode.

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Vortex Pok3R Rgb Vs Ducky One 2 Mini

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Ducky Mini 60 Mechanical Keyboard.Poker Ii Cherry Mx Clears Typing.Ducky Dk9008 Shine Ii Mechanical Keyboard Review Cherry Mx Brown Switches Green Led Backlight.

Keyboards - We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the Cookies Policy. OK, I Understand Poker II vs Ducky Shine Mini vs Others - Peripherals - Linus… I am looking for an amazing 60% keyboard, and have found that either the Poker II or the Ducky Shine Mini are the way to go. Any reasons to go or not to go with either of them? Do you guys recommend any other ones? If so, try to keep the price around $100. Thanks for the help! Ducky Shine Mini vs Poker 2? | Forum If I'm not mistaken the ducky shine mini has abs keycaps and doesn't have a Pn button or Pn mode. So less customizable and poker II comes with pbt caps, however ducky shine, you know, has all those lights pika pika.

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Ducky Shine 4! Poll | Massdrop these are the other keyboards i own: Rosewill TKL mx red Monoprice mx blue cm storm trigger mx blue logitech g710 mx red <-----garbage, not worth more than $40 Corsair K70 RGB mx brown max nighthawk x-9 mx brown the ducky shine 4 puts all of the above to shame. this is the only way i can describe this keyboard. just buy it. Ducky |